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How to block Hulu ads or skip them

Here, we’ve put together all the ways to block the annoying and unwelcome Hulu ads. So many people have been using Hulu for a while, and the only thing they don’t like is that you have to watch long commercials before moving on to the next part of the movie. It’s very annoying, especially when you’re trying to watch your favorite show.

Streaming videos over the Internet is now one of the most popular things to do on the Internet. It started to happen when popular and unique titles started to show up on sites like Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix that let you watch movies and TV shows online.

How to block Hulu ads

The best way to stop annoying ads on Hulu is to use software that is made to do just that. You can get rid of Hulu ads on your desktop, Android, or iOS device with a number of extensions and apps.

1. Click “Skip” when you open two tabs

2. Ad Block Plus (Ad Block Plus)

The second way is to use Ad Block Plus, a browser add-on. It doesn’t get rid of the ad, but it blocks it by putting a blank screen in its place.

When I did this, some of the long ads that Hulu put in while I was watching a movie were blocked.

One of the problems is that this plugin might make some videos and movies not work. Just go to your browser’s plugin settings and turn off the plugin.

3. Blockade

If you stream on your phone, you would be the same as me. With Blokada, you can stop Hulu ads from showing up on your Android. It’s easy to block ads on your desktop, but it’s harder to find an app that can do the same thing. However, Blockada can do it for you.

This will block some ads in the same way that the ad block plus method above does.

4. Write MySpeed down

You can also beat the announcements by getting there first. Exactly this is what Advertise MySpeed will do. The software isn’t free, and you’ll have to pay $29.99 for a licence key before you can start skipping Hulu ads. But luckily, it comes with a free 7-day trial that lets you try out the software to skip Hulu ads.

Enounce My Speed is software that lets you change how fast most Flash and HTML 5 players play back audio. Since Hulu uses Flash, you can skip playback and move ahead quickly.

If you want to skip Hulu ads on Windows, you can speed up playback when an ad comes on by using Enounce MySpeed. The average Hulu ad lasts about 5 minutes, but you can skip it with this software and be done with it in about 30 seconds.

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5. Reload the program page

Reloading the page of the programme is a good trick. This won’t always get rid of or block the ad, but it will make it shorter.

This works because the ads that play depend on how long the video is, so there’s a higher chance that movies will have ads that last 4 minutes.

So, when you’ve watched everything up to the point where the ad starts, just refresh the page and the ad will start again.

6. Go Premium

Going premium is another way to get ahead and skip some ads. The premium version of Hulu costs $11.99 per month, which is more than $4.00 per month, but it will get rid of those long ads that are so annoying.

Sometimes the higher price may be worth it because it will help the site keep running and stay on the Internet for a longer time.

Android users can block ads on Hulu

So the first way to stop Hulu ads from showing up on your Android is to use Blockada, a popular privacy app that can stop ads and trackers from showing up. If you put this app on your Android, it will be easy to stop Hulu ads from showing up.

Adblocker Browser is another app you can use to block Hulu ads on your Android phone or tablet. Adblocker lets you block Hulu ads in your browser while you watch. After paying for Hulu, you no longer have to wait for the ads to stop before you can use the streaming service.


After trying and using different ways to block and skip ads on Hulu, I have to say that the free tools work the best.

There’s more work involved, but it’s worth it because we can watch a lot of videos and movies.

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